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Clouds Of Chernobyl 072822.png

Clouds Of Chernobyl

A young woman is pressured by her mother-in-law to have an abortion during the communist period in Romania because many babies were born with serious deformities after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. The panic concerning birth defects led to hundreds of thousands of abortions. Written and directed by Ligia Ciornei. English Sub-Titles. 76 Minutes


Rockumentary Evolution Of Indian Rock 072822.jpg

Rockumentary - Evolution of Indian Rock

Rock music in India was almost completely unknown following independence in 1947. Rock culture was perceived as "Counter Cultural.' But in the 1960's , especially following the Beatles visit to India with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, that preconception flipped.

This film tells the story of how Rock 'n Roll, a western genre, became popular in India despite stiff cultural resistance from the country's rich classical heritage. Current Indian rockers drive the thriving independent music industry, loved and celebrated by millions of enthusiastic fans in India and around the world.

English. 8o Minutes

Versace - What's In A Name?

Versace horizontal 072822.jpg

A fascinating new documentary "What's In A Name - The Versace Story." It's the remarkable and tragic story about the rise....and fall of Alfredo Versace, a creative fashion designer with one of the most famous names  in the world. He had built a worldwide empire until he was sued by his cousin Donatella and her brother Gianni for trademark infringement.

79 minutes

Po Tamburi Poster 050922.jpg

Po Tamburi

In this hilarious comedy from director Stanislava Tomica, a folk band called 'The Phantoms' are framed for stealing the main prize of a prestigious folk competition. With gangs gunning for them, they must get back alive to their home turf in the Balkans in this madcap comedy! English Sub-Titles. 85 Minutes.

The Legendary Marion Williams 072822.jpg

The Legendary Marion Williams

The true story of Marion Williams, an American gospel icon whose charismatic sound and unique "wailing" vocal technique earned her international fame. Marion's powerful voice influenced many recording artists including Aretha Franklin and many others. Among her many accomplishments, she received the Kennedy Center honors in 1993 but sadly, suffered a tragic end. 67 Minutes.

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